GW-9200 Riseman Crystal Replacement?

Thread: GW-9200 Riseman Crystal Replacement?

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    GW-9200 Riseman Crystal Replacement?

    Is it possible to replace the mineral crystal in a GW9200? I see that PacParts sells it.

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    Re: GW-9200 Riseman Crystal Replacement?

    Yes it should be possible. Make sure you get the glass and packing. I believe that is the hard O ring. If you are to do it yourself I recommend a crystal press to seat the glass properly. There is a thread or two showing how to install/replace a crystal on a G-Shock. It should be the Tutorial section.

    If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, find a watch repair shop, not a Jewelry store. Talk to the shop folks first before ordering the crystal and make sure both of you are aware of what needs to be done. See if they will do a replacement that you bring in.
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