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    Gw-m5600 arrival modded

    After purchasing a gw5600j-1 recently, which has become my daily wearer I also wanted a 5600 series model that's atomic in Europe, has the composite bracelet but doesn't have the red displayline.
    At tiktox they sell the gw-m5600-1e/bc, which is the gw-m5600 but with the composite bracelet. They also sell a separate bc-case (with glass and buttons) which is exactly the part I need.
    So, I ordered those two, put one and one together and created the perfect watch for me.
    It has the great looks of the gw5600j-1 but it's somewhat smaller as you can see in the second picture.

    Some comparisen between the gw5600j-1 and the gw-m5600:
    -The display is clearer.
    This is due to the glass used with the gwm which is darker. After putting the gwm in the new bc case, there is no difference in clearity anymore between both watches.
    - It's bigger (see 2nd picture) i.e. case and digits
    - Multiband2 (gwm is multiband5)
    - Alarm chime is louder
    - Illumination is adjustable between 1.5 and 2.5 sec (gwm is 1 sec)
    - Buttonbeep can't be turned off for bottom left button (gwm beep can be turned off completely).
    - Day or date is displayed (gwm both simultaneously)
    - Resin band

    I don't prefer one over the other. I like them both. Right now the gw-m5600 gets the wrist time

    The composite bracelet is very comfortable. An important aspect for my wristsize is that the clasp is a four hole one. The three hole clasp is often a bit too tight of too loose. The composite bracelet has the four hole clasp and is very well adjustable.

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    Attachment 984025
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    Re: Gw-m5600 arrival modded

    Wow...that's a great job !! Look perfect to me.

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