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    GW-M5610 Backlight Discoloration

    I recently acquired my first Gshock and would like to know if this is normal or not. The screen looks fine, but when the EL backlight is activated there appear to be subtle blotches of lighter and darker areas. It's subtle, but definitely there from all angles.

    Some cell pics, note the area to the left of the first hour digit, between the month/date, between the two digits of the day, and across the seconds area:

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    EL under good lighting, the non-uniform backlight is almost invisible so it's not an issue of the upper layers of the screen itself:

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    What do you think? Advice/opinions greatly appreciated
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    Re: GW-M5610 Backlight Discoloration

    I've not tried this watch but thinking of buying one!

    I do have a gold retro AW168WG and it does the same thing with the illuminator. So I'm guessing it's normal as I can read the screen perfectly each time.
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    Re: GW-M5610 Backlight Discoloration

    There are two options here, one... if you bought this GW-M5610 new, then it's another bad QC from Casio, which isn't rare these days. You should send it back for replacement if possible. Lot of bad QC from Casio lately, tilted LCDs, not-working EL one this same model. Not massive amount of bad watches, but a lot more compared to just few years ago.

    Other option is if you bought this watch used and previous owner opened it and messed with the insides?

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