GW7900B-Tuxedo Mod & Complete Stealth Mod

Thread: GW7900B-Tuxedo Mod & Complete Stealth Mod

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    GW7900B-Tuxedo Mod & Complete Stealth Mod

    I'm attending a wedding in a month, and I think the black white will look great with a tuxedo. Who says you can't wear Gshocks w/ formal wear?

    For the complete stealth mod, I painted the "G" button as well as all the lettering on the bezel. I also painted the screws so they wouldn't be as shiny.

    I'm planning on buying a black buckle to complete the mod. Is the width I need to get a 20mm or 22mm?

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    Re: GW7900B-Tuxedo Mod & Complete Stealth Mod

    Looks great. I just ordered the regular 7900 but hate the red button. Someone mentioned for me to paint it with model paint and I am going to give that a try.

    I have a strong feeling that I will have the 7900B before it is all said and done.

    If I wasn't still on the fence about the negative display, I would have probably ordered it.
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    Re: GW7900B-Tuxedo Mod & Complete Stealth Mod

    That's looking cool. With what kind of paint did you paint the screws black?

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    Re: GW7900B-Tuxedo Mod & Complete Stealth Mod

    Great job~Cheers!

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