GWF-1000BS more or less
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Thread: GWF-1000BS more or less

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    GWF-1000BS more or less

    As soon as I saw the BS model of the 1000 series frogman I had to have one. Things being what they are as far as G-Shocks go, I could not find one for sale, so decided to make my own, and stealth it out a bit in the process. So far I have added the bezel, band, and studs, along with a black back plate. Stealth. The classic G-Shock color scheme.

    Now my friends, it's time for me to venture into uncharted territory. I want to change the solar panel to one with a red eye, and add black buttons on the right side. I am not afraid to open up the screwback, having practiced on some other cheap watches, and the button E clips, if similar to the GX-56, won't be too much of a problem.

    The question I pose to all of you smarter than me: which solar panel and buttons do I purchase, and is there anything else I will need?
    I have searched around, and there are no clear images of what I will encounter once the back is off and the module is out.

    Does the solar panel just come out once the buttons on one side are removed?
    Which model solar panels are compatible and red? I am partial to the one from the navy frog, with white indicators, but pacparts says it is unavailable. Anything else similar?
    Which model frog should I look at getting the buttons from? Looking for black ones of course. Its hard to tell which buttons are black in pictures, since they are shiny and reflective.

    Thanks in advance, and here is a pic of where I am at now.

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    Re: GWF-1000BS more or less

    Great start! Modding 1000 series frogs is loads of fun and highly addictive. Luckily it is a relatively straight forward process. The solar panel and dial are one piece, and yes, it just simply lifts out once the buttons are removed. As for the buttons, the ones from the BS and RD models are both black with red accents. The solar panels from those models both have the red eye as well. There may be subtle differences between the two, but if so I am unaware of them. Also, there are two more studs on the side of the bezel that you may want to change out to black. They're label as a screw through pacparts, but they are just press fit like the front bezel studs (PacParts: 91087013535).

    That's pretty much it. Have Fun!

    Here are three of my custom 1000 series Frogs, all built from parts

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    Re: GWF-1000BS more or less

    Thanks Knives, love the frog mods by the way. Actually all of your mods are very tastefully done.
    Thanks for the input on the solar panel, sounds easy enough. I will go ahead and order one from pacparts along with the buttons and start the waiting game.
    Those side bezel "screws" I ordered a few weeks back with some GX-56 resin. Still waiting!

    Your green frog is one of my favorites, they should have come out with a green limited edition instead of PINK

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    Re: GWF-1000BS more or less

    Nothing beats knives ninja frog though;)
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    Ever changing!

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    Re: GWF-1000BS more or less

    Darn that pesky screw back, it put up a good fight but I finally beat it! Rest was pretty easy, except.... I had to do it all twice. Yup, put the solar panel and module in upside down. I didnt realize until after I got the back on, then had to take the whole thing apart and start from the beginning. Lesson learned, always triple check your work kids.

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