GWF1000 tide function(?)
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Thread: GWF1000 tide function(?)

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    GWF1000 tide function(?)

    Here on Florida's west coast, we can have up to 4 tide changes per day (2 major, 2 minor). Will a G's tide function
    work in this scenario? Thx.
    Steve in Florida, USA

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    Re: GWF1000 tide function(?)

    The Casio tide algorithm is designed to work with semidiurnal tides (two high tides and two low tides per day, separated by roughly equal durations). The west coast of Florida appears to have mixed tides, which is what I have in So Cal. For mixed tides, the algorithm will not work as well.

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    Re: GWF1000 tide function(?)

    You can get it spot on and then your tides will change and it will be off later. There is a larger issue with tide watches which affects them - geography. If you are on a peninsula like Bolivar TX then you can see tides on the Gulf side mismatched with those in Galveston Bay just a hundred yards away on the other side. There is a lag when a peninsula acts as a barrier and water has to circumnavigate thru the channel to reach the interior. Then, add rainfall - I was there just after Harvey when the roads finally opened but the water was still draining out of Houston and eastwards. The bay was much higher than normal.

    There is also the point of where it's being used. Tides are not given to directly responding to the presence of the moon and can take hours to react. As you go north the variation in the cycle becomes more severe, too, with 40 footers in the Bay of Fundy. Add something like a hurricane to the mix and you get additional storm surge that can be multiple times higher. Bolivar has about a 1.5 foot tidal change, but Ike was about 12-14 feet of surge which is why it wiped out so many homes on the peninsula. Harvey wasn't much different as it crept up the low side of Galveston with water over the curbs in the older downtown area. A week later my wife and I were walking in that neighborhood - the curbs are 18" tall in that block, with steps to negotiate them at the corners. That puts the surge at 24-36 inches.

    A watch running an arbitrary algorithm just can't keep up. It's a real challenge - but for the most part while I was there is was close to spot on. You can adjust it to match, the point is that if someone wants to have the tidal information at hand, then whether I like it or not, the local apps on tides are more accurate. Regardless - a G Shock has a lot more to it than just one function. They aren't all perfect but they are at least a lot better than 100 years ago.
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    Re: GWF1000 tide function(?)

    Wow! A really detailed analysis that. Thank you tirod3.
    I have a GWF-1000 as well but as we have semidiurnal tides on my side, it is fairly accurate. However, I do have to "re-set" the high tide time periodically.

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    Re: GWF1000 tide function(?)


    Here: gw-5000B-1jf, 16600, 30-st-135.003 | Gone: gw-5035a-1jf,
    sbbn025, 16660, 16600 (2), 14060, 16610, 16570 polar, 16570

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