Is the GWM 850 available again?

Thread: Is the GWM 850 available again?

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    Is the GWM 850 available again?

    The GWM 850 is my favorite G. Mine has been an faithful companion on half a dozen international trips. For the past few months it has been unavailable from most of the usual websites and on this forum mention was made of it being discontinued. Recently however I've seen it back again and was wondering if reports of its demise were premature. I like this watch so much I might just have to have two.

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    Re: Is the GWM 850 available again?

    I don't know if they're out of production or not, but I do see them from time to time on ebay (Black and White one) Ive seen them used and Brand new. Also, I was in Kohls (cheap american dept store) and they have some basic g-shocks. Just last week I noticed they had GWM White, and I think the GWM black. I think they're on Kohls website as well. They were in my opinion, heavily overpriced though. I think they were selling for $130.

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