Hands loose on AWG-100M or just an alignment matter?

Thread: Hands loose on AWG-100M or just an alignment matter?

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    Hands loose on AWG-100M or just an alignment matter?

    Hey guys,

    I recently discovered on two different AWG-100M models that the hand for the minutes does not align to all of the indexes on the dial. As this is a common problem with analoge watches I just exchanged my first example and got a new one with an alignment quite similar to the one before (yes, please call me picky but I just like it when the hand perfectly hits the index ). The only difference now is the exact part of the dial where the hand of the new watch gets off of the indexes. I then decided to keep it because maybe all of those models have the problem and by the way I really like the watch.
    Now I tried to reset the hands with the hand set function but even with that I can not really get it managed to make the hand hit all the indexes on the dial. Actually I have to decide in which setting the hand hits the most indexes. Now there are just two things which are confusing me a little bit:

    1. When resetting the hands (in the 12' position) I can only get the minute hand hit the exact index when I set it there backwards. When pressing the other button to make it go forward it don't really stop on the exact position. It's always a little bit off.
    2. I just noticed that the hand seems to be a little bit loose because when giving the watch a little knock on the side when it is in the hand set mode the hand moves a bit to each side and seems to stay there until you press one of the buttons to move it and bring it back in the exact 12' position. That concerns me a little. Should I worry about it or is it normal that the hand has some tolerance on the axis?

    Has anyone had a similar problem before or knows how to deal with setting the hands? (Btw I can also upload some pictures if that would be helpful!)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Hands loose on AWG-100M or just an alignment matter?

    Probably just some tolerance. As long as the hands aren't completely in the wrong position I wouldn't worry.

    Cheers, Sedi

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    Re: Hands loose on AWG-100M or just an alignment matter?

    Leitplanke, I know what you mean, i have an AWG 100, and there is a approximately one-fifth of a minute of play in the minute hand. i can notice it if i hold the watch and orient it in different directions while tapping lightly on the side of the case. i tried with an awg 101 in a store, and my friends awgm100 has a slight play in the minute hand so IMHO, its a common trait

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    Re: Hands loose on AWG-100M or just an alignment matter?

    I think the small indices on the dial are just to give an approximate idea of the minute, the minute hand moves slightly after a set number of seconds,

    the minute hand moves to just before the indice and then a bit past it on the next movement on my awg100,
    I think this is normal for this watch as there is no seconds hand and the minute hand moves in increments instead of a smooth sweep as other watches do.

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