Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

Thread: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

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    Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed being around here . I try to learn as much as I can, as well as share what I've learned. I also have made some friends from around the world and around my own country...amazing really.

    I've even met some of you in person! HA! I never thought I'd run into others like me .

    Oh, and I thought you all would enjoy one of my latest experiments...

    The candidate at the start...looks kinda naked. Let's find some clothes...:

    Cool caseback. Nothing like being an ant with a turntable made into your back!:

    Let's try a hand-painted bezel from one of my other Frankens...(thanks GB2G!):

    Slightly better angle...and yep...legibility is really this good:

    Now, for a strap. Do I go 5600E for some subtle comfort?:

    Or an orange Zulu for some high-impact color and comfort?:

    Heh, definitely the Zulu:

    A really good wristshot that manages to not show the orange Zulu at all...:

    I really like this combination! In person, the LCD digits have a hint of orange in them as well. Overall...I give myself a :

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    Re: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    Awesome stuff and big congrats!

    Mine's not too far away actually...

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    Re: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    great combination using the ZULU. very nice, Toph !!!!

    awesome job !!!
    "My watch buying policy reaches up to $29.99. PM me if interested" - Vintage

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    Re: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    Casio G-Shock - GW-5600J
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    Re: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    Champion Topher

    Very very nice!

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    Re: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    You only live once.....and some don't even do that!!

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    Re: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    Spectacular!!! That is an outstanding looking G-Shock mod.

    I may have to do up an orange G-shock for myself some day. I really like the orange ones that I've seen on this forum.

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    Re: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    now I want one as well...... sigh.... this site is bad for my wallet..... :)

    Oh yes, Happy Anniversary!!! Hope to lots more. :)
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    Re: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    Happy Anniversary Topher! It's been a good year.

    And that mod is awesome. I'm a big fan of the orange.

    I have this module too and I've been meaning to get around to making it all orange by dyeing a white bezel and band. It's a great module, but I'm not too fond of the cloth band it comes with.

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    Re: Happy Anniversary...It's been a year!

    Congratulations on your 1 year Chris You've contributed ALOT and so much of your information has been extremely helpful to me, I appreciate innovative nature. So here's to year 2......make it a good one!

    So now you can dub that new Modified Watch, Topher's 1 year Anniversary TRULY Limited Edition of 1
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