Has anyone used rakuten.co.jp International shipping?

Thread: Has anyone used rakuten.co.jp International shipping?

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    Has anyone used rakuten.co.jp International shipping?

    I am thinking of buying a G-shock from rakuten.co.jp, has anyone here used its international shipping , if yes how was the experience ?

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    Re: Has anyone used rakuten.co.jp International shipping?

    Rakuten is like a market place, anyone can post stuff for sale there in their lil "shop" most don't ship overseas and that free shipping you see is for japan only. I have purchased about 5 items lately and had good luck overall but its not a quick process. 1) You purchase said item, checkout pay, etc. A day or less goes by or maybe more depending on the actual sellers speed and the seller advises the actual cost of overseas shipping thru EMS if they want to fool with it, if not you then have to pay a freight forwarder like TENSO to do the shipping. 2) If they go EMS they will send you another invoice showing the new total with EMS shipping, if you don't disagree your item finally makes its way out of Japan and in another few days pending customs you get your item. They also have RAKUTEN auction which is almost like eBay except be warned, I have won two items of their site but NEVER could pay for them at the end and thus got a -2 in trader feedback because of some hiccup in their checkout system or using a non japan credit card, we never could determine because unlike Rakuten shopping, their auction site is ONLY in Japanese, and hard to decipher even using Google translate or excite. I encourage ALL to shop Japan to help these people out but its a learning curve for sure. As far as your item being cheaper in the long run when you factor in shipping, usually its not but likley the item is harder to find else where, for instance; I bought my KRINK gshock from Rakuten and in the end paid about $20-25 more than if I waited for the US release which has not happend as of yet, worth it for me, heck yes! Plus I am helping out in Japan in a small way

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