Have they changed the g7710?

Thread: Have they changed the g7710?

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    Have they changed the g7710?

    Hello everybody,

    Recently I bougt a new casio g7710 because my old g7710 did'nt work anymore (lights and sound malfunction).

    The old g7710 is from 2010.

    My question is - Have they changed the band color on the resin strap on the new g7710?

    Because on my new Watch is seems more grey and on the old one it's totally black. Why is that?

    Is it because the band gets darker and more black the more you wear it so it gets that used look?

    On the Watch in the strap it says


    on the new it says:


    So different resin or does it become more black over time? I really like the "black look" and not the grey.

    Left Watch is the old one.

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    Re: Have they changed the g7710?

    resin gets darker and shiner with time

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    Re: Have they changed the g7710?

    If it bothers you that much, why not just swap the bands over?
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