HELP: DW-8800 - Need Buttons

Thread: HELP: DW-8800 - Need Buttons

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    HELP: DW-8800 - Need Buttons

    I have just found my good old DW-8800 Code Name and want to restore it. The module looks fine and works. The only thing that I lost is Start/Stop button. I am searching for replacement. If anyone can recommend or if anyone has a spare, please help.

    I understood that the button is compatible with other models such as DW9000, 9005, 9400, 9052, etc.

    If I can have one is good enough but if I can have all four buttons that will be great.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Re: HELP: DW-8800 - Need Buttons

    Try Pacparts. They might have what your looking for.

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