Help finding non fake gasket

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    Help finding non fake gasket

    Hi guys. If some useful info comes up I guess this thread could be used for any models of G-Shock.
    I've had my DW-6100 since 1993, still going strong. The outer casing had to be replaced once though, and it's made a few trips throught the years to an official repair house where they changed the gasket and tested the pressure.
    Now, I'm currently in a not so good financial situation, saw a few vids/tutorials on changing the battery myself and decided to do it. Easy enouph, but the gasket is definitely not looking good, so I'd like to get a new quality one, not those cheap lower quality chinese ones.
    Any advice on where I can get one, to complicate matters I'm in Europe :)

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    Re: Help finding non fake gasket

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    Re: Help finding non fake gasket

    Quote Originally Posted by JwSe View Post
    Any advice on where I can get one, to complicate matters I'm in Europe :)
    PacParts, one of two "official" parts dealers listed on Casio USA's website, don't have the gasket in stock but can get the part from Casio. Here's the parts list for the DW-6100-1V: Casio DW6100-1V Parts and AccessoriesThe problem is, while the part itself is $0.58, local shipping in the US is about $11 -- and last I saw here, it was going to be more than twice that to ship an order across the Atlantic! (This seems to be a problem with most all "watch parts supply" places, since they're used to carefully packing and shipping delicate movements and crystals in boxes, then shipping them with insurance and tracking. IF you could convince any of these companies to put a gasket in an ordinary envelope with a regular stamp, it would be a LOT cheaper.)

    If you're in "Europe" rather than the UK, I think your best option will be to start at CASIO Worldwide , click on "Europe," click the language of your choice, then "Support," "Product Repair/Parts," and then "Watches."

    That will take you to their handy chart of 36 different countries and their parts dealers -- this is the English version: Watches - Product Repair / Parts - Support - CASIO

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