Help... G9000 or GW9000 Mudman?

Thread: Help... G9000 or GW9000 Mudman?

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    Help... G9000 or GW9000 Mudman?

    I am in the market for a GShock to go with my PAW1300. I THINK I have narrowed it down to a Mudman.

    My main questions it, which one? Should I go for the G9000 battery powered or the GW9000 Solar/Atomic version?

    I can't decide!

    Any other watches I should be looking at besides the mudman?
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    Re: Hepl... G9000 or GW9000 Mudman?

    depends on what features you want:
    - two 1000hr stopwatches
    - 24 hr timer
    - 4 alarms + snooze - each with seperate indicators and setable to date/month
    - world-time

    - one 1000hr stopwatch
    - 60min timer
    - 5 alarms of which one can be set as one-time alarm or snooze
    - world-time

    G-9000 has slightly superior features but no solar while the GW-9000 is a nice no-nonsense watch - it's also the nicest one of the whole current Mudman family - if you like the 5-eyes 'spider'-design .

    You could also take a look at the G-7900 which has all the features of the G-9000 with added moon-tide feature - but it's a lot bigger (doesn't look like it in the picture but it wears huge on the wrist):

    Or maybe take also a look at the GW-9010 Mudman.

    Greetings, Sedi

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    Re: Hepl... G9000 or GW9000 Mudman?

    i went with the G9000 based entirely on price and the the confidence i felt with the tried and true battery technology.
    nothing wrong with atomic/ solar but i just could'nt see the need for either personally.
    you could consider the 7900 model but it's larger than the mudman. incidentally, i like the mudman b/c of it's smaller footprint.

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