Help identifyinh this Casio MD 703

Thread: Help identifyinh this Casio MD 703

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    Help identifyinh this Casio MD 703

    Sorry not a G shock but a nice Casio.

    I was hoping you may be able to help me identify this Casio MD-703. This is obviously an MD-703 case and bezel, however the dial is unique. When compared to the traditional black and white dialed MD's this one is different in the following ways:

    · The dial hour marks are lume with a gold boundary. Others do not have any gold on the dials
    · My 12 o’clock dial mark is split into two wedge type designs where others are a rectangle
    · The dial has gold minute or second indicators around the outside of the dial. Others have nothing on the dial, however they do have minute second indicators on their inner chapter ring. I believe mine did have the markings on the chapter ring however they have faded away.
    · My seconds hand has a circular lume dot where others have a rectangle lume
    · The crown on mine seems to be a faded gold where others have a satin like finished crown.
    · The text on the bottom of mine is 111A5-963 Japan A others have 111A1-936 Japan A
    · The hour and minute hand and dial text all look the same as other MD’s

    As always in advance your feedback is appreciated.Name:  casio md.jpg
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    Re: Help identifyinh this Casio MD 703

    My guess is that someone dropped a different dial in that watch for some reason. I think I recognize that diver dial from another basic casio of the same era. Incidentally, there was a black and gold (bezel, hands and dial highlights) MD-703 produced, but it had the same style dial as the other two versions.

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    Re: Help identifyinh this Casio MD 703

    The dial and probably the movement (394) come out of a MRD-201W , not sure about the hands .
    I'm guessing the original movement was broken and the easy fix was a straight swap movement and dial from a donor .

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