Hi..i got two option here
Want to know your opinion,
if you all given choice to choose between this two G-Shock

Nickname: -
Release: 2001
Made in Thailand

Name:  DW-056SD-8S.jpg
Views: 655
Size:  43.2 KB
Casio: G-Shock DW-056SD-8S DW-5xxx photos, videos and specifications DW056SD-8S | Watch Archive


Nickname: Gold Defender
Release: 2002
Made in Japan

Name:  DW-056GM-9.jpg
Views: 500
Size:  29.5 KB
Casio: G-Shock DW-056GM-9 DW-5xxx photos, videos and specifications DW056GM-9 | Watch Archive


Which one will be ur choice?

Both limited edition, but which one most rare?
Sorry for noob question, im still newbie :)