Help with parts for Wademan DW-9800
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Thread: Help with parts for Wademan DW-9800

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    Help with parts for Wademan DW-9800

    I have a Wademan that I really like, however I lost the screws that holds the lower band assembly after 2 weeks of owning it. I have had this watch sitting in my drawer for years and would really like to repair it.

    My question, is there anyone that can steer me towards these parts? I need both sets of screws for the top (G-shock side) of the band assembly. It looks like the upper screws are phillips heads and the lower set are flat head. I may also need the band side with the clasp.

    One more dumb question if I may.... the battery is dead. Can any Casio center replace this for me, I would like to keep the water tightness intact.

    Thanks in advance all.

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    Hi R-Rod,

    I think things would be answered more easy if you filled in your User CP so we can see where you are from...

    In the US you can call Casio Sales and Service, I recently read that the greek Casio Service is also OK. I also have no problems here in the Netherlands and I think Ozzie told lately that the Ozz Casio Service was very good.



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    Re: Help with parts for Wademan DW-9800

    man, when i had my wademan, one of the screw also backed itself out!

    luckily i didn't lost it and had it tightened asap

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