Help Please: GW-5000-1JF Strap Length...

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    Help Please: GW-5000-1JF Strap Length...

    I have one problem to solve, before I order a GW-5000-1JF (positive display) from Japan, and that is to identify the length of the strap.

    Is there anyone that has one, who would be kind enough to measure both sections of the strap? (excluding the buckle) As well as the distance between the center of the last hole and the end of the strap (so I can see how much room is left for the keeper).

    After ordering four different 5600 models, the only strap that was a long enough to fit is the GW5600J. All the rest are too short.

    I'm crossing my fingers that the GW-5000-1JF will be long enough, as prefer I to keep it original.

    Thanks in Advance...

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    Re: Help Please: GW-5000-1JF Strap Length...

    PM replied to!

    For info the top part of strap excluding buckle is 7cm, the bottom part is 12.5cm. The straps are the same length as those on the GW-M5600 or DW-5600E.

    Distance between centre of last hole and end of strap (top part) is approx 1.5cm.

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