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    HELP Setting up my RISEMAN


    just got a fresh riseman for XMAS. Could someone walk me through setting it to get accurate temp/alto/baro readings. STEP by STEP.. please

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    Re: HELP Setting up my RISEMAN

    Did you not get a copy of the manual that comes with it?

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    Re: HELP Setting up my RISEMAN

    The factory settings have been fine for me. If they are off then you can adjust it by yourself. like dave said read the manuel the most important part is setting up the correct home city. I just got an atomic that came from japan in feburary 2/12/08. since it has been in the U.S. Ca. it had not got an update until I set the home city. the manuel is also on line. Welcome to Club Riseman

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    Re: HELP Setting up my RISEMAN

    to switch on, press and hold the red button for 5 seconds and then..............refer to this manual immediately

    merry x'mas, brahs !!!!!
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    Re: HELP Setting up my RISEMAN

    Very nice gift. I concur, the factory defaults for AB deviation and temp should be OK. Don't wear your watch and expect accurate ambient temp readings. Your body heat will skew that reading. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy familiarizing yourself with your new Riseman.

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    Re: HELP Setting up my RISEMAN

    This is the kind of watch that requires you to read the manual.

    As they say "RTFM" :) :)

    One of the previous owners of mine calibrated the temperature. I re-calibrated it to be acceptable off the wrist. I have learned over the years with lots of ABC's to just subtract about 10-15 degrees for body heat compensation.

    But again, in the field the thermometer is a gadget at best. Unless the temp is spiking or dropping VERY quickly, which you would feel, there isnt much need to know the temp beyond curisoity.

    Ive told this story many times on the Suunto forum. My friend bought one of the first Protreks. we would wake up on the trail and he would announce all the trends and temp. I woudl stick my hand out the tent and say... "Yep, its cold" or "yep, its hot".

    If you are new to ABC or even AB watches :)... dont ever expect 100% accuracy. You will be very disappointed.

    But still.... RTFM ;) LOL :)
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    Re: HELP Setting up my RISEMAN

    Welcome, intron, and congratulations on your new Riseman. Half the fun is figuring out how to use the watch's functions yourself - I don't think anyone here wants to take that away from you.

    Enjoy the watch!

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    Re: HELP Setting up my RISEMAN

    From another new Riseman owner, congratulations on your fresh acquisition.

    I'd agree with the general sentiment here, as I'm also still in the process of familiarizing myself with my Riseman. Just take the readings with a grain of salt; the Riseman will try to come as close as possible to the correct measurements, but bear in mind that it certainly won't beat accurate readings made with dedicated precision instruments.
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