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    How the 6900 ...

    is bigger than the 6600, comparison shots are welcome. I just got a G-6900-1, the solar only 6900, and I am surprised by the chunkyness of the watch (I have smal wrists 16,5-17 cm ...)

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    Re: How the 6900 ...

    I'm sure somebody will post pics but isn't the 6900 smaller by about 3mm or so. Doesn't sound like much but it's a noticeable difference when you have small wrists.
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    Re: How the 6900 ...

    The DW-6600 and DW-6900 to my knowledge is identical in size!

    As for the newer atomic and solar G-6900 and GW-6900 I have heard those are slighly thinner then old DW-6900 (maybe 1mm difference). But their widths should be the same. The bezels of the G-6900 will not fith a DW-6900.
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