How about this simple mod...?

Thread: How about this simple mod...?

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    Wink How about this simple mod...?

    I've got a GW-6900 (black) and a G-6900A-9. I like the yellow color a lot. Very vivid. I also like the 6-band Waveceptor function. I have no spare money for a GW-6900A. I wish I had, because I like the red eye.

    What do you think. Doe s the red match the yellow? I also discovered the 2nd tiume function in the Timekeeping function (works on both models). Push the upper right button. I think I should have studied the manual better


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    Re: How about this simple mod...?

    Looking good, Sjors!

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    Re: How about this simple mod...?

    Devils colors are black and red

    I have the black GW-6900 and the yellow GW-6900A and so it’s easy to swap the modules for creating a black red eyed GW-6900

    BTW – 2 peanuts:
    The conducting paths on the yellow GW-6900A are more visible and the gap between bezel and light button could be smaller. Compared to my old DW-6900 light button has the GW-6900 a flimsy feeling

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