how to buy from sales corner??

Thread: how to buy from sales corner??

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    Question how to buy from sales corner??

    when i buy something on ebay and pay by paypal, there's two middleman (ebay and paypal) who manage some kind of contract which gives me some kind of relief thinking that i can at least complain to someone if the deal goes sour.

    but when i look at the sales corner, it seems that it's only the sellers words against mine. is that actually the situation?

    there are some reputable members here who seem trustworthy to buy from any time. but what if it's someone not so known? how do i resolve a bad situation.

    either ebay or paypal takes some kind of responsibility. but here on this forum, i guess neither the board nor its members/admins are responsible for a members actions. the maximum they can do maybe ban them.

    so back to my question, how do i buy from sales forum with peace of mind? do i just go on trusting people, or there's some way to bypass this trust method?

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    Re: how to buy from sales corner??

    I've bought watches from 3 forum members with no problems. If it's a regular member who seems okay, I'm willing to take my chances. If it's an expensive item you could ask them to put it on ebay for you, but then there's the extra fees.
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    Re: how to buy from sales corner??

    If you make payment via PayPal, you can report an item not received.

    I guess that would be also be an outlet for you to make a complaint?
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    Re: how to buy from sales corner??

    Quote Originally Posted by foamposite View Post
    If you make payment via PayPal, you can report an item not received.

    I guess that would be also be an outlet for you to make a complaint?
    I don't think Paypal offer any protection for sales outside of e-bay. So called INR reports are only for e-bay stuff.

    The only protection a buyer has when using PayPal in other venues such as this sales forum is to only use a credit card and pay trough Paypal with it. But this is sometimes a problem since many people only have a personal PayPal account and they cannot receive a credit card funded payment, you need a Premier or Business account for that.

    So for people selling stuff I recommend to have a Premier account.

    I personally would not deal with a person that has a personal account since I only use a CC trough my PayPal since I don't trust PayPal very much.

    If you payed with your credit card you can then in case of fraud contact your credit card issuer and request a charge back to get you money back.
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    Re: how to buy from sales corner??

    Joakim's got some good advice.

    I just wanted to say that I've bought dozens of G-Shocks from forum members without any serious problems. The mods and members do a good job of spotting and getting rid of scammers. Just look for sellers that have references (feedback forum and other username mentions) and a history posting here and you should be fine.

    International shipping can result in lost and delayed packages, so you have to be patient and make sure that there's insurance just in case. The only thing that can be tricky sometimes is the condition of older watches. Just try to get some good photos and clarification on any details before buying, so you're both in agreement on everything.
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    Re: how to buy from sales corner??

    There is a feedback section that you can look at to see if there has been any problems with someone you may want to buy from. Otherwise I have found some great deals there and all deals went smooth as glass .

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    Re: how to buy from sales corner??

    Nice thread. Would like to hear more. I subscribed this thread already

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    Re: how to buy from sales corner??

    Dont think there is much protection. but that has not stoped me. I do like it when I notice the seller has been posting for a long time. that is maybe the most protection you have as nobody wants to have anything negative posted about them. I just sold my first G to a member in the UK did not know how that would go, but he got it in 4 days its taken 10 days for me to get a watch mailed in the us from florida to ca. anyways I have bought 5 and have 2 on the way. no problems.

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    Re: how to buy from sales corner??

    I have had excellent experiences on the Sales Forum, both buying AND selling. I tend to look at the history of the seller, how many posts, how long a member, look at their track record, see if they have references....I havent really dealt with extremely high priced items here....but have had no issued at all with my transaction experiences there. I also haven't heard of others having issues....
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    Re: how to buy from sales corner??

    There is a huge degree of trust involved. Start by looking at the pictures they posted of the watch, then read the description for any contradictions of mis-information. Check their # of posts, how long they've been around. Make sure they communicate promptly, but aren't too eager to take your money without a proper deal/shipping agreement in place. Lastly, ask for refs, talk to them on the phone too.

    I've sent $4000+/- many times to guys I've never met or talked to on the phone (most through TZ), and have yet to be burned. In the end though, If you can't afford to lose the money, you probably shouldn't play the game with someone who is a newer user. Good luck!

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