How to change the bezel of my frogman
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Thread: How to change the bezel of my frogman

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    How to change the bezel of my frogman

    Hello fellows
    I got scratched the top bezel of my frogman gwf d1000.
    I banged it to a hard concrete wall by mistake and i wanna change the bezel..should i have to return it to casio USA ? Or is it an easy process that can be done by myself ?
    Is there possibility of damaging anything while removing the bezel ?


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    Re: How to change the bezel of my frogman

    I changed the bezel on my D1000 Froggy but it wasn't easy. You have to warm the bezel a bit to make it more pliable. I used hot water. I felt that when I was easing the bezel over the pushers I actually bent one of them a bit. I took the bezel back off again and straightened it up after which it seemed fine. But to be honest this experience has changed my view of the D1000 model and I am back to concentrating on my other 2 Froggies which are the GWF-1000 models. They have the 2 part bezel which is extremely easy to swap with no danger to the pushers. If Casio bring out a new Frogman physical design I hope they return to the 2 part bezel else I won't be buying. We've discussed this before on here and other chaps haven't shared my views on this but that's how it was for me.
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    Re: How to change the bezel of my frogman

    This thread has some pics and more details, including posts by @casiofool. Sounds like it's a bit more difficult than a bezel replacement on a typical G.

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