How do I get my madman to sync with the towers

Thread: How do I get my madman to sync with the towers

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    How do I get my madman to sync with the towers

    Sorry for the stupid question lol but once again I got no manual with my watch go figure .I don't need any help setting the watch just need help getting my watch to sync with the different towers I hope thats what their called. P.S. please don't email me the manual because for some reason my computer as trouble down loading it I hope you guy's understand.:thanks

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    Re: How do I get my madman to sync with the towers

    which model is it? GW-9000 or GW-9010?
    In any case you have to press the start/stop button while in time-keeping mode for some seconds until the receive indicator flashes and "RC!" appears on the screen. For automatic sync you have to press start/stop on the time-keeping display too and then press adjust - then you can switch between ON and OFF.
    Reception is best at night so don't worry when manual sync fails during the day-time - auto sync at night might work better.

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    Re: How do I get my madman to sync with the towers

    Well, first you have to cheer it up. It will not sync when it is Mad! Second, set the home city to one that is on their list for getting the signal. Third, set it to sync on. Fourth set it near a window, that is facing the right direction. Fifth, wait over night. If all goes well, you will have a successful sync. They are not nearly as successful during the day.


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