How do you display/store your Casio watches?
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Thread: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

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    How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    I have recently succumbed to the deadly (to the wallet) Casio-Watch Bug... I have purchased over dozen G-Shocks - all with 'tough solar' power... I currently have them lined up along the windowsill - but they are getting dusty and are in danger of being eaten by our newest rescue dog...

    that said, what kind of displays/storage are popular with serious watch collectors?


    Mike (here is a picture of Bumpus the watch-eating hound)
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    Re: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    Your dog looks really cool and fun, I love the expression on his face!

    For displaying and charging I use the Collectower from Japan. I have 2 of them and will be getting a 3rd one. They close on a snap post like system, swinging open. But they are clear to allow charging of solars. Not sure if it would be as secure and unbreakable as you'd like. Not sure if your dog knocks down potted plants on the window sill, as this would look/be similar.

    Another option is the glass topped watch boxes. I like the towers because you can see your collection on display as well.

    Here's a picture for you of the tower. You can get them on Amazon or eBay pretty easily. Will take a long time to arrive from Japan. Try to find a US eBay seller with one if you want one and don't want to wait.
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    Re: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    I put all of my solar watches, which include G-Shocks, a Pathfinder, other Casios, and Citizen Eco-Drives, in a glass top case similar to this one.

    When I want to charge the watches, I just move the whole case to a window with indirect light.

    Keep in mind that the slots in the case above may not be wide enough if you only have really big G-Shocks. My G-Shock solars are 46mm or smaller, so they fit fine in the above case with my various other solar watches. I have a 50mm Pathfinder PAW2000 in the case between two smaller watches and it fits fine.

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    Re: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    We had this type of thread before but here is what I use. I know have two of them. One for digital watches and the other for analog's. Best money I spent from Home Depot. These are Stanley brand parts organizers with adjustable tabs in yellow. I think I paid maybe $12 each.

    This is an old photo before the collection multiplied.

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    Re: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    This is where I store my Gs:

    Name:  Starscream-astrum.jpg
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    Some get put in a pelican case. i got 2 different sizes:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_7550.JPG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_7551.JPG 
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    then some in this plastic stationary cabinet thing i got got (yes i stuck tmnt stickers on it.. lol)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_7553.JPG 
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    and some are just thrown around the room, like in front of the TV etc.. so i can grab them quickly in case I'm in a rush. I also have a dog but don't let him in the room so no danger of getting damaged.

    as for the solars, i've got 6. I just put them out on the balcony when i feel like they need a charge.

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    Re: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pharmagator View Post
    Bumpus the watch-eating hound)
    I forgot to add dogs like Bumpus (any dog really) will chew the heck out of the G-Shock resin watches. Something in the resin makes them very tasty for dogs.
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    Re: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    Here's my display...I ordered 2 collectower displays from Japan. .. A MONTH AGO!.. patience is running thin. Lol

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    Re: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    I have 2 pelican cases and 6 Collectowers

    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1438053527.329579.jpg
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    I need to pick up at least a couple more towers.

    Seems like the watches show up faster than I can get the storage for them.
    When was it ever a question of need?

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    Re: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    First of all kudos to Pharmagator for the rescue dog. He seems like a fairly obedient fellow in that pic, intently waiting for the command to eat the food. Hopefully that will carry over into not eating watches. I'm lucky as our pup has never chewed on anything in the house, and also waits for me to give him the "OK" signal before eating anything.

    I enjoy displaying my watches in my bedroom, which doubles as my home office. Its the biggest room in the house, and it is upstairs overlooking everything going on outside, so much of my indoor time is spent in thins room. Actually, due to the size of this room, it actually serves as a second living room for the family as well.

    Anyhow, the watches are mostly displayed on my bookshelf and desk. I do have one G Shock tower, which I especially like for storing 1000 series frogs.

    The bookshelf

    The desk

    Oh, and can't forget the ever important parts drawer. One drawer in my dresser is dedicated to spare parts/projects

    Thanks for letting me share friends!

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    Re: How do you display/store your Casio watches?

    Like this:

    Enviado de meu LG-D855 usando Tapatalk
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