How does the 3159 module compare to others?
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Thread: How does the 3159 module compare to others?

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    How does the 3159 module compare to others?

    What are your thoughts on the 3159, and/or what's your favorite G-Shock module?

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    Re: How does the 3159 module compare to others?

    Some things I don't like about the 3159 module used in the GW-M5610, GW-5000 and GW-S5600:

    - Backlight duration is limited to 1.5 seconds. No option for 3 seconds.
    - Can't show a second time zone on the main timekeeping screen.

    Many other solar/atomic Gs have modules that can do both of these things. Among those I own, the GW-2310, GW-M850 and GW-9110 can all do these things. The popular GW-6900 can also do these things.

    Most solar/atomic Gs, including the GW-M5610 and the others I mentioned above, can't display the current time in other modes, like the stopwatch and countdown timer modes. I'm not sure why this is, but it's an unnecessary limitation.
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    Re: How does the 3159 module compare to others?

    Not much experience here. But between 3229 and 3159 that are used in many squares

    I like that 3229
    -show current time in stw/cdt mode
    -back to timekeeping mode after you finished using other mode
    -no world time

    I like that 3159
    -has bolder digits
    -has snooze alarm
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