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Thread: How does it look on my hand? !!!

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    Re: How does it look on my hand? !!!

    Oh, it's Dolores! I actually remember that episode.

    Here's Junior Mint. LOL

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    Re: How does it look on my hand? !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by kwara4u View Post
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    Is that a TPS report? Make sure you create a cover sheet for that!


    Ok, I think I have enough fun going off topic.

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    Re: How does it look on my hand? !!!

    Looks good brother. I work in an office and wear mine every day of my life. Heck, the President of our company wears one as well! Watch looks good on you.

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    Re: How does it look on my hand? !!!

    another office worker here and i wear a G everyday. quite frankly if i didnt have coloured ones i doubt anyone would even notice and i would say that applies to offices everywhere.

    OP - i think yours looks fine. looks pretty much like an average G wearer imo. not surprisingly your question comes up all the time and it really just comes down to whether you think you can pull it off. it might seem big because its your first one but after a week of wear i doubt youll even notice it on your arm. if you like it then keep it, esp. if youre going to knock it around a bit, thats what Gs are made for

    re: wear position. i dont think anyone that wears it low actually wears it tight enough to restrict movement or be uncomfortable on that bone. also if its a little loose the watch just moves out of the way when you move your hand up. mine needs to be pushed to get to a 90 degree position so theres still plenty of free movement before hitting the watch.

    that pic of john boy looks more like its slipped up his arm a bit than an intentional position because its started to move around his wrist, but thats also a dress watch which i would say has a different degree of etiquette to Gs and "fashion" watches.
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