How long do you think solar

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    How long do you think solar

    How long do you folks really think all these solar batteries are really gona last us befor they all start craping out on us ??? :-S

    And how hard is to change a battery in a reg G and a solar G..
    I don't need to do it but after looking on Casio USA web site and what they want it is nuts!!And is there a good cheap source for these batteries in the USA or any place else for that matter !! I have 1 Pathfinder that has 4 batteries in it I duno how many the Paw1200 has or the PAG 70:-S

    WE could spend more on batteries than some a these watches cost new or am I WRONG as is normal for me :-S

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    Wink Re: How long do you think solar

    Hi Pipes,

    All my Raysman are still working fine with an enormouse overdose of energy. I have a PRG-80T and this ProTrek/Pathfinder model seems to have also enough energy stored for very long use.

    Rechargable batteries get worse in storing energy, but regarding to my Raysman (1997) it seems that solar batteries will least at last 10 years and looking at my Raysman, very much longer than 10 years.

    I now the battery driven PRG-40 drains a lot of batteries. Therefore I'm glad Casio developped those Tough Solar Sensor models.

    FOr changing a battery, check the "How to...."sub forum. Changing a rechargable battery or a regular battery doesn't make much difference. I got a small lot of G-Shock's in yesterday and I had to change 3 batteries. I think it took me 25 minutes (including greasing the gaskets, AC preformence, etc.).

    This page, by Asuoab, is a great source too.


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    Re: How long do you think solar

    What about seals around the pushers ?? Anthing gotta be done to those now and then !! and do you grease the seals on your watch every 2 or 3 yrs and change the seals or just when a battery goes bad :-S

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    Re: How long do you think solar

    Hi Pipes:

    Just had a back date here.

    I got my RAYSMAN in 1998.

    I wore it everyday until 2001 so say around three years old.

    The battery never dropped a bit.

    Condensation started to form under the crystal.

    It went to CASIO Japan and they upgraded the watch for me, new seals and battery. So yes, the selas had gone with extreme use under extreme conditions and in constant contact with sea saltwater.

    The battery was fine, but I guessed they changed it whilst being opened and updated simply as a service to me.

    I wore this watch HARDO| for three years.

    I'm talking early morning and evening surfs, SCUBA diving once or twice a week. Travelled and trekked Asia with it around nine times. It has been with me SCUBA diving in many other countries, plenty of knocks, pressure and vibration..

    I really mean I used it to the hilt and it still works as well as the day I got it, although the yellow has become more orange.

    I do have other RAYSMAN, MIB, MSR, and another yellow, got them by memory in 2002 and they have been stored since in dark boxes..

    Some are in sleep mode. I just checked, activated one, and it's showing a two bar charge.

    I've also sold some on EBay and also to private buyers that have also been stored for nearly two years in dark boxes.

    Some still had a charge, and other's didn't.

    As far as the new 200X solar models go, besides the FROGMAN which always holds a charge, talking HELIOS, BLACK SPOTS and BRAZILIAN, I have no idea about other models..

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