how long are the longest band/staps?

Thread: how long are the longest band/staps?

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    how long are the longest band/staps?


    how long are the longest staps/bands (resin) a g-shock has?

    would be interesting if there a longer the 16mm aka if a 8+ wrist would be able to wear one.

    i just want to now. :)

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    Re: how long are the longest band/staps?

    Well I have no measuring tape immediately available, but the standard Mudman (G9000), G8000, and the GW2500 all comfortably fit my 8ish inch wrist with room to spare. My beloved GW5525 barely fits. And by fitting, I mean with sufficient strap left over so the keeper isn't all over the place.

    This is always a concern of mine since gshocks (taking into account differences in case sizes) have varying strap lengths...and plenty of them are too short for my wrist. For me, buying a gshock is ALWAYS a gamble for this reason. Fortunately, I've found that a little digging on WUS can usually turn up the info I need to determine if a particular G will fit me comfortably.

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    Question Re: how long are the longest band/staps?

    Among the Man-Series
    G9200 > G9000 > G9100
    but i don't know whether the Frogman longer than Riseman or not~

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