How to replace/exchange a watch (PAG240)?

Thread: How to replace/exchange a watch (PAG240)?

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    How to replace/exchange a watch (PAG240)?

    Dear All,

    I received a PAG 240 for Christmas. I love the watch--but a small flaw has developed: in the last week or so, the mode button has started to stick. It does not spring back to its original position flush against the button protector underneath the button. That is, it seems to stay in a permanently semi-depressed position. The button still functions and I can pass through all the modes, but it seems to spring back less and less. "Maine" over in the ABC forum suggested I should return it and get a replacement for it. That's where my question comes in:

    My wife got me the watch from Amazon. I don't think she still has the receipt. My question is--how should I go about getting the watch exchanged?

    Many thanks in advance for your advice!


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    Re: How to replace/exchange a watch (PAG240)?

    Amazon? Everything should be online. Ask your wife to log into her account and the exchange should be easy.

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