I bought another Casio
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Thread: I bought another Casio

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    I bought another Casio

    I already own 2 G-Shocks but wanted this watch for the sunset/sunrise function and, to a lesser degree, the compass although I already own a Tissot T-Touch expert Solar. The watch is pretty difficult to set up. You have to fix your position with longitude and lattitude degrees then it gives accurate readings. The default is London, so I only had to alter the digits for Edinburgh a little bit.

    It has a chronograph, 5 alarms, a countdown function. world time, moon age, temperature, a compass etc. But as I said, setting and using these correctly is a bit more difficult than my other Casios. The backlight is a little orange lamp rather than proper EL, but it does the job. The lume is better than my other watches with hands.

    This is really a beater watch as it was inexpensive and I have watches that cost a great deal more but I'm surprised by how Casio managed to pack in so many features. The screen is acrylic unfortunately, but again compromises had to be made at this price point.

    I normally prefer inverse digits as one of my G-Shocks, my Rado and my Tissot have them, but the digital screen is so small that I think visibility would become a problem.
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    Re: I bought another Casio

    These non G Casio often pack a lot of value and totally cool. I was wearing non G Casio watches for ages and never really needed G-Shock drop/shock protection. Even on mountain bike vibrastand!
    Nice analog digital!
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    It should be special!

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    Re: I bought another Casio

    Yes, they're still very tough; they just don't have that G-Shock structure.

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    Re: I bought another Casio

    It looks really well on you. Congratulations.

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    Re: I bought another Casio

    I bought another one today. This is large and has a khaki coloured strap. I don't know about this, but how common are red LEDs on a Casio...I don't think I've even seen a picture of one before. Sorry, the quality isn't great - it's hard to take pictures of inverted watch displays.

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