I Bought a few watches today at Kohl's

Thread: I Bought a few watches today at Kohl's

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    I Bought a few watches today at Kohl's

    Being that it's tax free weekend here in Texas I stopped by Kohl's to buy some new underwear and check out the Casios .

    They had quite a few different Casios in the display case. Some Pro-treks, some G-shocks and some other models - all in all about 30-40 different kinds. Nothing earth shattering but everything was 33% off the retail price. I ended up buying a G-Shock GW500A-1V and a Wave Ceptor WV200A-1AV.

    I ended up spending $80.40 for the G-Shock and $36.85 for the wave Ceptor.

    I also got this Cheapo Armitron for $13.99 just because it was $13.99 lol

    Kohl's was also giving away Kohl's cash this weekend. You get $10 for every $50 you spend. So I got $30 I can use later to buy something else.

    Not to bad if you add that discount in.

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    Re: I Bought a few watches today at Kohl's

    Arg! I'm lucky if I see 8 G-shocks in the entire country all year!

    Sorry, it hurts. Nice finds

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    Re: I Bought a few watches today at Kohl's

    The waveceptor is pretty good. I have the blue one and I'm wearing it now. Serves as an inexpensive atomic and an absolute beater, although the CDT and stopwatch are somewhat limited. The time is presented in all displays which is good.

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