I came this close to buying a white G7900 today

Thread: I came this close to buying a white G7900 today

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    I came this close to buying a white G7900 today

    During the past week I had my mind set on getting a G7900A-7.

    I was also reading about the complexities of owning a white G. But that didn't put me off.

    Went to my fav watch shop today and tried on the display model.

    The display model had discolorations on the edges of the strap. The discoloration looked orange to me. That really put me off almost instantly from getting a 7900A-7.

    If a display model could have discolorations like that, imagine what would happen after a few wears.

    I didn't want to go home empty handed so I bought a G7900A-3 instead. It was on my buy list anyway.

    Also tried on the GW7900MS-3, GW7900B-1 and GW7900-1.The flashing tide indicators of the GW7900s annoys me. But I like the orange and green combo of the MS-3.

    I'm eyeing the G7900A-2 next.

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    Re: I came this close to buying a white G7900 today

    Whites do show dirt and grime the most, but with display models you have to remember that they are tried on my many hygienically disinclined people and never cleaned.

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