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    Lightbulb Illuminator sound...

    Here's some totally useless info:

    If you have a broadband receiver and tune it to about 150 kHz (or kilo cycles), you can hear the EM-waves that the illuminator (Ozzie: that's the FoxFire they put on non-JA G-shocks ) produces, as a loud humming sound.

    Just something I found out once, when listing to my broadband receiver at night.
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    Those funny things you can hear on the radio. I always used to receive the transmitter of a neighbor, who is a 2m amateur on my cassette player when I lived at my parents. I also used to listen to broad wave broadcasts as a kid and I still love "Radioland".

    I have received a lot of household apparatusses on radio's, but an EL backlight.... This would be fun if you listened here. A lot of my G's have their flash alarm on at their hourly signal....



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