i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!
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Thread: i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

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    i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

    here are the 2 that i am deciding between; they are very different so im not sure what to do:

    A: Earth Blue Frogman, GF-8250ER, comes out at the end of this month:

    Name:  GF-8250ER-2JF_l.jpg
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    B: Marathon JSAR:

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    FROGMAN pros:

    -always wanted a blue frogman
    -isn't out yet, good chance of getting one
    -would go well with my yellow 8250 frog and GWF-1000RD burning red frog
    -obvious plus of gshock quality, holds value, etc etc
    -sweet backlight

    JSAR pros:

    -i dont currently own any analog watches, always wanted one really nice TANK such as this
    -its huge and chunky and heavy, perfect for me
    -known to be a very well made watch
    -awesome lume
    -can customize with straps from anywhere

    FROGMAN negs:

    -i already have this model in another color
    -i already have my grail Frogman, BR, so this is possibly unecessary
    -costs as much as a 1000 frog, the yellow 8250 cost 200 less

    JSAR negs:

    -may be difficult to find
    -extra straps means extra money
    -battery powered, not solar or auto


    -price is about the same, 500-600 USD currently for either
    -both will go up in value over time
    -i desire them about the same
    -if i dont love it, either one will flip easily
    -either could be very hard to get later if i dont get it now


    so what do i do? :(

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    Re: i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

    If the Frog was blue or gray, but not a combo, I would go for the Frog. So between the two, I would go for the JSAR.
    But before thinking of the JSAR I would look at Deep Blue watches.

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    Re: i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

    To be honest, I wouldn't buy neither one. I never liked the Frogs, they are too much fashion for me, overpriced, overrated and the asymmetrical shape is plain ugly. The Marathon is a nice, chunky piece of solid metal and while I'm sure it is a good watch, I would only buy one with tritium tubes (TSAR), but then I find the competitors more appealing and more interesting.

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    Have to admit I have been looking at Marathon xSAR offerings myself. Another option might be to seek out a used Navy 200 series frog and enjoy a significantly better module than your modern frogs (GW-200-2). I dont care for blue watches, but I like mine. They dont come up for sale every day, but are usually some of the less expensive 200 series. The new 8250 doesn't appeal to me much in pictures. I will have to see one in person to see for sure. Right now, meh. To be honest, I want to see a xSAR in person also. I saw a Tissot T-Touch for the first time a few weeks ago. Seeing it in person it fell off my desire list.

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    Re: i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

    The GWF-1000BS is also nice. I do not like the navy blue color, the extra $200 for a GF is not helping much and frankly, I don't like the marathon too. Actually I think you already have the two nicest Frogman that are available right now. I went for the GW-9300ER.


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    Re: i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

    Pretty easy if you ask me! Get the JSAR this month and get the Frog next month! ....
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    Re: i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

    Of the two, I'd definatley take the Frog, but not at that price.
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    Re: i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

    Frogman. You should be able to get it for $450 shipped, or maybe even less, once they release and retailers are offering their discounts. I wouldn't pre-order it. The reason I say frog now is because we don't know how limited this series is. Also, sometimes Casio makes more of one model in a series than another. For example, it is very easy to find a Master Blue frogman but hard to find a Master Blue gulfman. It is easy to find a Dark Purple mudman, but hard to find a Dark Purple riseman. Anyhow, what if the frog turns out to be super limited and you miss your chance and they start selling for $800? It's a remote possibility, but a possibility nevertheless. I missed out on the Kermit frogman at $450 and it is hard to find one under $1000 now. I don't think that will happen with this frog, but I don't want to take the chance.

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    Re: i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

    I really don't like Frogs, and to be honest the thing that would ever keep me from buying a Marathon is that awful, giant, 3 o'clock crown. Ever since I got a 6309 I've been spoiled not having the crown dig welts in the back on my hand whenever I do something. I'll never buy another 3 o'clock crown watch again. I have a Yobokies custom SNZG I'm wearing today and its 3 o'clock crown is now a deal breaker, it ruins what would otherwise be a perfect watch for me. Even in my WRUW pic you can see it digging into me :)

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    Re: i'm having a difficult internal purchase debate, help!!

    I would go for the JSAR, if I have larger wrists like yours without an analog in collection, and already own a yellow 8250.

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