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    One of the cool things about Gs is that there are thousands of models, and they are all a little bit (or a lot) different, so considerable research is required to choose the right one for the job. Okay, this could be a major drag if you're not a watch nerd, but I am, so it was good fun. The only real non-negotiable for me was a screw back, as one of the screw heads sheared off my Gulfman. This narrows the choices way down. The other requirement was affordablity, AUD$250 max, which narrows it down even further - it had to be second hand.

    The general consensus at the WUS G Shock forum is that for fully featured watches you want a digital or ana-digi. Ther are some classic screw-back digital Gs, like the DW-5000SL, but I've always liked ana-digis and wanted to try one out. This was to be a travel watch, too, and an ana-digi is slightly more versatile if you have to dress it up a bit.

    Enough hoo-hah. Here's my new watch, the Casio G-Shock Giez GS-1050-1ADR:

    Excuse the extremely quick and extremely dirty pic. I just arrived at the office and only have my phone.
    I don't have much to say about the watch because it comes with an instruction book only slightly thinner than Gideon's Bible. Overall, the watch feels to be very well constructed, and the look is quite subdued (for a G!). Legibility of the hour and minute hands is excellent, as are the digital displays (with trick silver on black digits). Not yet sure what the subdials are showing, but they seem to be clear enough!

    Unlike many Gs, everything that looks like metal is metal, even the inserts on the rubber strap, which adds to the quality feel. The strap is unusually soft and supple for a G. The buttons are smooth and solid. The dial and hands are actually very nicely executed, right down to chrome-u-like surrounds on the applied luminous indices. My understanding is that the Giez line is more formal than the traditional G, slightly upscale. This watch really does feel a bit premium. All that said, there is no Grand Seiko / Sumo like case finishing going on here! It's a chunk of stainless steel with some holes machined out for the dial and buttons, and the sharp bits chamfered off so you don't hurt yourself.

    The GS-1050 isn't completely ginormous by G standards. It is a big bad mofo of a watch, supposedly 46 mm across the case, but it doesn't wear too big (again, by G standards). Here it is next to a Monster:

    And, finally, the caseback, one of the main reasons I bought this one:

    Note the steel lugs. This is a steel watch with a protective resin shroud, not a resin watch.

    I'll do a proper review of this watch once I work out what it can do. I might even try a video review, because writing and reading about mode and feature actuation is a bore, and also there aren't a lot of finely nuanced finishes that will require hi-res macros to capture

    But I had to share this with you guys now. I cannot believe how excited I am about this relatively cheap G-Shock. It's just a rad little package, and I'm stoked!
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    Re: Incoming!

    yes, please do a review video. I really enjoy those. I do a lot of g-shock review videos (

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    Re: Incoming!

    Congrats! The 1050 is a sleeper that is actually very cool. Enjoy!

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    Congrats on the purchase! Giez' are cool.
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