Incoming, modding and silly questions!

Thread: Incoming, modding and silly questions!

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    Incoming, modding and silly questions!

    Hi there!

    I have a all black 7800 incoming, on of these days, and i'm looking forward wearing it and offcourse NOT looking forward in explaining my wife that this purchase was really necessary

    Now i've been told that there are no accessoires available for this G serie.

    But there are ways to personalise this nice and underappreciated G.

    Does any of you have an idea if there are straps for sale and (unofficial) parts for this G?

    And...what should i put on the display? As most of ypu know there is the possibility to put some lines of text on the display (does it scroll??) and i was wondering what to put on the display. Sure I can leave it as it is but that's not the nature of the beast

    Who has an original idea? I'll put a wristshot on the forum with the winning entry, okay?

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    Re: Incoming, modding and silly questions!

    At least the strap is exchangable.
    The lug is 16mm, it will accept any strap cut down to this with.
    I cut out a DW-9052 strap to fit, leather straps will also work.
    There is a genuine leather strap for this watch made by Casio (G-7800L) with 16mm slings.
    I bought several 7800s and swapping bezels and bands. 8-)

    Regarding the text:

    some random shots:


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