An interesting mod idea...

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    An interesting mod idea...


    I've been thinking about trying a mod and have been looking for a White bezel and strap to dye. The problem is, to get them both together seems to be really expensive for what they are.

    Does anyone know anywhere cheap?

    Sorry, I was talking about something not supported by the forum so I removed it. It's not an interesting idea anymore, but any advise on cheap straps and bezels would be appreciated!

    Any thoughts?
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    Re: An interesting mod idea...

    There was once i tried to get a replacement bezel + strap from a local dealer but was recommended to get a new watch instead because the price would almost cost half the watch.
    It was a old DW9052.
    I have no idea why G-Shock's bezel and strap are so highly priced.
    Looking for module 2266 LCD panel.

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