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    Ion plated bracelets

    If you research on this you'll find that the IP bracelets scratch easy. Some people hate this aspect, some love the character of it and consider it a "patina" of sorts.
    I have 3 GW4000's and have been wearing them (and my RAF) for an upcoming research project on behalf of WUS. Ahh, that is a different topic. This what i want to bring up: there is a different thread going on right now "biggest mistake". When i first got this watch i wasn't so sure about my decision.
    It was my most expensive g ($337 after tax), first aviator (let's just say a "unique" OS) and first bracelet. I had said at the time if i didn't see it in person i would have never bought it.
    I also have a green and an orange GW4000 which are both good looking (to me) watches.
    Wearing all 3 (plus the RAF) more regularly i'm surprised to find myself looking forward to wearing the bracelet more often. No, it's not a "daily" for me. No, i haven't scratched it up yet. I was originally worried about it being too grown up of a watch for me. I've even been debating earlier this summer whether or not i would even get the GW-A1000D or not.
    Well, after August my mind is made up and i am for sure getting one. I'm surprised by my turnaround on attitude about it.
    The practical good sides? My wrist doesn't swell up as much as with my resin straps. It is cooler since the links "breathe".
    Practical downsides: if you have big weight variation for any reason (h2o levels for me), you can't just adjust the strap a notch to compensate. I need to get the springbar tool et al (and anything else LUW recommends) so i can adjust this.
    What are your experiences? I was thinking it better to centralize this information vs how many threads it is currently spread out across without ever being the main topic. :beer:
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    Re: Ion plated bracelets

    The ONLY problem with ion plated bracelets is the quality of the ion plating, ie, how well it will hold up with use. In my experience Casio's product (but I'm speaking of an early 2000's watch) is bad, but Seiko does a great job. Other then that, an ion-plated bracelet has all the benefits and problems of a regular metal bracelet.

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    Re: Ion plated bracelets

    I can't say Casio PVD bracelets scratch up easily. I fairly often wear my G-800BD and MTG-911 (not in summer though, I don't like metal on my wrist during the hot months) and both hold up very well. I'm not soft on my watches, but I don't scratch them on purpose on a concrete wall either.

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    Re: Ion plated bracelets

    I find that the black PVD bracelet on my GW-2500BD seems to be holding up pretty well - I wear it a fair bit, and I'm sensible with it, but I don't baby it.

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