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    Question A "j" on the model number

    Is there really a difference as to the G-Shock being from Japan with a J in the model number or not?

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    Re: A "j" on the model number

    IMO, not really, unless you start talking exclusive, expensive models that have carbon fiber straps and the like. Otherwise, the J just denotes the market it is to be sold. The main difference on regular models is the back plate shows the model # with a J and that is it.
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    Re: A "j" on the model number

    I am sure others more knowledgeable will chime in.
    But in short, yes. The modules are the same, but packaging, straps and sometime '20 bar' or 'foxfire' is used. Availability is usually more restricted too.
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    Re: A "j" on the model number

    Quote Originally Posted by gprider View Post
    Is there really a difference as to the G-Shock being from Japan with a J in the model number or not?
    There is a difference in the Solar-Atomic Riseman. The GW-9200 and the GW-9200J, to be exact, has different module and different caseback design. GW-9200 has 3147 module while GW9200J has the older 3145 module. The only difference with the module is the temperature setting of Celcius and Fahrenheit which is the update made on the newer 3147 module. 3145 module is fixed on Celcius only.

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