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    After about a year or so of looking, I finally gave in and bought a G-Shock the other day.
    It's a GLX-5600-1 black G-Lide. It has the classic look and feel of the Casio digitals that I enjoyed so much in the 1980s. After a look through the manual I soon re-learned the joy of setting a Casio.
    This one has the Moon and Tide display, but I doubt the tide will have much effect in Almonte, so I set the Tide indicator to the Bahamas (We plan a cruise there later this fall.)
    And no, I don't plan on jumping off the roof of my house to test the shock resistance. Nice watch all in all. It's fun to have a digital watch again.

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    Re: Joined G-Shock Nation Recently

    Blimey, Ray - I thought I'd inadvertently hit a tab and gone to another forum!

    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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    Hi Ray,

    Congrats with your new G-Shock. Beware that they can suddenly become addictive


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