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    Just Arrived. My First

    My first G-Shock, GW002KA-3V, and I can say for certain it won't be my last. Looks good on my wrist. Feels good. It just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling all over! Now that I have the "fever", I have lots questions so I'll start with these:

    1. Are there any sources, other than gshock.com, to find out when and what new models are being released?

    2. Does Casio distribute different models in the US than Japan or Asia?

    3. Any G-Shocks in the duty free shops at Narita International? Got a friend that flies in to Tokyo about once a month.

    More to come. I'll try not to make myself a pest.

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    Re: Just Arrived. My First

    congratulations on your first G. thats one good looking G.
    to answer ur questions,
    1) hang out more in this forum and ull get first hand news on new releases.
    2)i think japan and asia get the new releases first. later on, some selected models will be distributed in the US.
    3) no idea, other might have answer to that.

    dun be shy, come back here more often.
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    Re: Just Arrived. My First

    I highly recommend http://www.mygshock.com

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