Just unpacked my GW-7900B-1JF, pictures tomorrow!

Thread: Just unpacked my GW-7900B-1JF, pictures tomorrow!

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    Just unpacked my GW-7900B-1JF, pictures tomorrow!

    The upsides: Looks fantastic on the wrist! If you look at it quickly, it can remind you of a hypertrophied 6900. large, thick hefty size, ~48.5mm from the left to the right side of the case. More wrist presence than my Black Dawn Frogman, and that's saying something! The dial-shape is similar to the 6900 too, that flat bottom portion. But then you see the 4 bezel bolts and you realize you're seeing something different. Also, has a silky rubber-like resin for the strap, Clear negative display. In the EL, the characters come through with a minty blue. Large, easy buttons. Tide graph the same as the overall display color, so if you don't use it, it doesn't divert your attention. Generous strap in length (fits Archer's 8" wrist he said), and what I like - the strap is 20mm wide at the buckle. This is wider than most other G's, about the same as my BD Frogman.

    Downsides are mild: The time not visible in stopwatch mode, the buckle is single-tang and polished stainless steel when it should be double-tang and subdued, IP or PVD plated.

    Other factors: The wings or cuffs that we've seem pictures of - they add more mass and bulk to the watch - which I like. But they don't make anything more comfortable. If they weren't there, the strap attachments at the 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock sides of the watch would jut out and leave more airspace between themselves and the wrist. Again, sort of like the Frogman does, which I like. As of now, I find the BD Frogman's strap a bit more supple and comfortable, but the 7900 has more points of contact around the wrist (my wrist is 7.5").

    I hope to take some good pictures tomorrow!


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    Re: Just unpacked my GW-7900B-1JF, pictures tomorrow!

    Congrats,I like mine very much.

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    Re: Just unpacked my GW-7900B-1JF, pictures tomorrow!

    Congrats on the new arrival. The 7900's a big beaut. Looking forward to the pics. Many pics!

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    Re: Just unpacked my GW-7900B-1JF, pictures tomorrow!

    Great stuff, Greg!

    Yeah, the buckle is S/S to match the 4 S/S bezel plugs, that's my guess anyway.
    The all-black or matte-black version should be around the corner anytime soon, that one should come with all-black IP plated metal hardware...let's hope!


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    Re: Just unpacked my GW-7900B-1JF, pictures tomorrow!

    Looking forward to seeing the pics
    Current G's:
    GW-9200J-1 Riseman
    DW-004ASJ-8AT (stealthed)
    DW-9800 Wademan AR-3T ARTI
    DW-8800AJ ADMA's Full set of 5

    Wish List:

    G-7900 1ER - GW-7900B-1JF - GW-M5600BC -
    G-9000-8DVR Stormtrooper - GW-9100MB-1JF Gulfman - FTS-100 Forester

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    Re: Just unpacked my GW-7900B-1JF, pictures tomorrow!

    Hi Greg,

    where did you buy it? i cant find any seller for this.

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