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    Keep it Clean !

    I have been cleaning watches, as long as I have been collecting.
    Ultrasonics loosten screws in mechanicals and their soapy, vibrating,
    fluid can get through anything.
    I buy a bottle of cheap liquid dish soap, Joy, at the dollar store.
    The cheap ones are very simple, no scents, no abrasives, no additives.
    I wet the watch under a stream of room temp water, and squeeze the
    liquid directly on the watch from the bottle, Be Strong !.
    Then brush every square micron of the watch with a VERY soft artists,
    real bristle, brush. rinse a little and brush thoroughly !

    1. I have never washed a watch this way that is not in good condition
    Re. water resistance and at least 30m rated, No, NOT a Tissot T-Touch.
    2. Rinse Thouroughly !!!!!!, for 5-10 minutes. If it is not completely rinsed ,
    a slight amount of residue will remain and get into crown threads
    and bracelets.
    This will brighten SS, esp. brushed, asnd give a resin G new life.
    My whites stay white and my colors are still strong.
    You must evaluate each watch, yourself, I have several mechanicals
    that I have been washing for 40+ years, and a Gaussman for 12.

    Sorry to be so long winded, I am always pleasently supprised
    at how great my watches look after.
    Clean up your Act !! LL

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    Re: Keep it Clean !

    Sounds good.

    I like to give all my used G-Shocks a good washing when I first get them. I use Dawn dish washing soap and warm water with similar results. It makes them nice and fresh.

    You can get them a lot cleaner if you take the resin parts off the module, but you have to decide if it's worth the extra effort (and possible risk with older resin).

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    Re: Keep it Clean ! tips should be included in that G-Shock manual Dudegalea was producing (if they're not already).

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    Re: Keep it Clean !

    what, cleaning a mudman? are you nuts? I don't want a "cleanman" lol

    regards, holger

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    Re: Keep it Clean !

    Clean G-Shocks?!?!?!?!?! BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!! A little dirt and some scuffs add character .

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