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    Kinokuniya Seattle

    Just a heads up for any g-shock fans in the Seattle area. Kinokuniya bookstore (It's attached to Uwajimaya in the Intl. District) has last year's g-shock special magazine by Gakken Mook. Not the 'G-shock Perfect Bible' that came out recently, the magazine previous that was issued last year. It's still a good mag. I think somebody even scanned all its pages and is in our articles section. Anyway, for the real thing, they got a couple still left. I want to make sure they sell out so that the buyer knows there's interest in that kind of material. Price is around $10-11 bucks. FYI.

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    Hi Locomoco,

    Thanks for the heads up. That seems a good price if someone is interested. I use the G-Shock Official Book 2006 very much. It helps you track down model numbers, module numbers and release dates. Worthfull for the collector. I paid around $25.- to get them at my door, so $10 - $11 is a very nice price!

    It sounds like you have a very nice international district there in Seatle.


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