Kohl's Sale on G-shocks (again!)

Thread: Kohl's Sale on G-shocks (again!)

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    Kohl's Sale on G-shocks (again!)

    Power hours through today in my area (USA,St. Louis Missouri, salesgirl said 33% off casio). Then I usually receive a 15% off coupon in the mail for as long as I remember----but this morning I opened it and it was 30% off! They "stack" the discounts so we're looking at quite the discount off a new G-shock. I've posted a couple of watches I bought from them at a good deal but this crosses over into "killer" category. Wrist shot pending........

    Update: Check the website for Casio on sale also. I saw a GW2500B - 1A for less than Amazon
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    Re: Kohl's Sale on G-shocks (again!)

    Hope I get one in the mail today , feel like a spend surge coming on.

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