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    Kosio's Casio Museum

    DBC-61 Database - MY 1989

    I've been interested in Casios ever since I laid my eye on a DBC-61.
    PC's were not that common at that time and internet didn't exist for most people.
    No shared calendars or data syncing. This watch allowed you to store phone numbers and had a built-in schedule, 50 entries were available.
    It was state of the art technology and that's what fascinated me!
    I had to have one! Although I was still a kid, I bought one in 1989, it has been with me ever since.
    After 26 years of ownership, the keyboard became a mess and made the watch useless.
    So I tried to restore it in this thread.

    Name:  forum_DBC-61.JPG
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Size:  234.9 KB

    Thermometer - MY 1993

    4 years after I bought the DBC-61, I saved enough money to buy my next Casio watch. So I bought the TS-100 with built-in thermometer.
    It has two temperature modes: on-wrist and off-wrist.
    In the on-wrist mode it will take your body temperature in consideration to show the environmental temperature. It was not exact, but it was a good indication of the temperature.
    In the off-wrist mode, it was and still is very accurate!
    Wore this watch a lot, even after I bought other watches, and it shows...

    Name:  forum_TS-100.JPG
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    CMD-40 Remote control - MY 1995

    The CMD-40 I bought in 1995. This watch was a lot of fun! Changing channels on TV's in various places like school, stores,...
    You could command TV and video sets with it, but it also had learning function, so I programmed my stereo set in it.
    My first car had infrared remote control to unlock the doors. So I tried to learn that remote into the CMD-40 and it worked! I could unlock and lock my car with my watch :)

    Name:  forum_CMD-40.JPG
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Size:  217.9 KB

    BM-600 Barometer/altimeter - MY 1995

    Actually I wanted to buy one with a triple sensor, but they were too expensive, so bought this BM-600 with built-in barometer in 1995.
    Based on the air pressure it would calculate the height. Tried it in the Swiss Alpes and it was rather correct.

    Name:  forum_BM-600.JPG
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Size:  231.2 KB

    Analog - MY 1996

    Needed a watch that was a bit more sophisticated to go to dressed up parties, so bought this one in 1996.
    I mounted a leather strap on it and kept it that way for almost it's entire life because it looked more distinguished, until I recently replaced it back by a new and original resin one.
    Analog and digital time are not in sync, so every now and then I tried to resync them.
    It also has the blue illuminator light.

    Name:  forum_MDA-100.JPG
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    Touch screen, database - MY 1998

    A watch with no buttons... all commands done by touching the screen? Could not resist it and bought one in 1998.
    Think it can hold up to 100 entries in it's database, divided over few different categories: play, work,...
    Also has the blue illuminator light.

    Name:  forum_VDB-101.JPG
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    Color camera, B&W screen - MY 2001

    This one I saw on a second hand market during a holiday in 2002.
    It was very cheap and in working condition.
    The picture quality is rather crappy, but a watch with a camera back then was something unusual.
    Don't know exactly how much entries can be stored in the database, but you could attach a picture you had taken to an entry in that database.
    The built-in memory is only 1mb if I'm not mistaking. Transferring pictures to a pc had to be done via an infrared port.
    And it eats batteries! Something Casio has known when they developed the watch because the battery lid can be opened with a coin.

    Name:  forum_WQV-3.JPG
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    Stopped buying Casios for a long time because they stopped making watches with cool features.
    When my wife asked me what I wanted for our 5th wedding anniverary, I thought I would like a decent watch.
    I had a few requirements for my future watch: it had to be one with metal band, waterproof, solar powered and radio controlled.
    Casio had a few watches that met my requirements. During my search I started thinking back at my old Casio watches...
    I decided to dig them up and bring them back to life. All of above watches received new batteries and 5 of them got new, original Casio bands.

    F-91W Basic - MY 2015

    This one I encountered during my search for my anniversary watch. Seen the very low price, just bought it, it is after all one of Casio's classics.
    It's a very basic, innocent looking watch, but it also has a rather dark side to it... it seems that this watch is often used to trigger bombs...

    Name:  forum_F-91W.JPG
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Size:  248.4 KB

    And after I modified it...

    Name:  forum_F-91W_modded.JPG
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    Calculator - MY 2015

    Another cheap, classic Casio watch that I bought together with the F-91W.

    Name:  forum_CA-53W.JPG
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Size:  236.1 KB

    Analog, radio controlled, solar powered - MY 2015

    This is the watch that triggered my interest in Casio again!
    There were some other Casio candidates that met my requirements, but I liked this one in particular due to the blue dial and it's simplicity (although it's stuffed with technology).

    Name:  forum_WVA-640D.JPG
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Size:  263.3 KB

    Blood pressure, pulsemeter (excellent condition) - MY 1992

    Found this one very interesting. Think it was the first Casio watch that was able to measure blood pressure and heart rate.
    Bought it in on eBay from a US seller.
    It came with it's original box, original manuals and even the original audio tape with instructions still in it's plastic wrap.
    Altough the seller told me it was fully operational and in almost mint condition, I found out that the alarm and more importantly the sensors were not working!
    When I wrote the seller, he was really defensive and told me that he had tested everything and it was all working. So it should have happened during transport...
    Luckily I bought this one as a pair with the one below and was able to compare both watches. So I opened both up. Saw that alarm spring was missing on both watches and on the 'mint' one a plastic round foil on the backplate was sitting the opposite way as in the other one. So after changing the foil and adding an alarm spring, it all works again. Those 'defects' could not have happened during transport! Unfortunately I already had given feedback on the seller, otherwise I would have mentioned it.

    Name:  forum_BP-100.2.JPG
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    Blood pressure, pulsemeter (fully functional, lesser condition) - MY 1992

    This one was bought together with the one above. This one also had 2 defects: light did not work and no sound.
    Opened up the watch, adjusted the metal spring behind the 'light' button and mounted an alarm spring.
    It now is a fully operational watch. It does not have the original strap and the case shows some use marks. I have thought about changing both, but that will set me back another 65 euros...

    Name:  forum_BP-100.1.JPG
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    Thermoscanner - MY 1993

    This one has been on my wishlist for many years, but it was too expensive when it hit the market.
    Found this one on a German second hand site, somehow related to eBay... It is in excellent condition! Have seen watches of the same type being sold for the same price in terrible condition and watches in mint condition for 3-4 times the price I paid. So very happy with this purchase!

    Name:  forum_TSR-100.JPG
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    Phone dialer, database - MY 1987 (still needs some work to get it in a decent state)

    Fascinating watch! You can store phone numbers on it's database. It will dial those numbers for you on your fixed line using DTMF tones.
    Had to had one! Bought it from a Spanish eBay seller for only 20 euros.
    It's fully working, but needs a make over!

    Name:  forum_DBA-80.JPG
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    Pulsemeter - MY 1992

    Never really had any affection with this watch and the green accents aren't my first choice, but it is a new old stock (with plastic still on the screen) and only costed 29 euros.
    Could not resist buying it

    Name:  forum_JP-200W.JPG
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    DW-5600B - MY2013 (?)

    My very first G-shock!
    Received this watch from a very good colleague/friend... as a gift!
    He bought it just before his trip to Africa, wore it over there and once back home he has never worn it again.
    Just gave it a good clean to remove the African dust and it's ready to be added to the collection

    Name:  forum_DW-5600B.JPG
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    CBX-500 Tachymeter - MY1996 (?)

    The watch is in excellent condition! Really looks like a NOS. Bought it for a reasonable price. Haven't tested the tachymeter function yet.

    Name:  forum_CBX-500.JPG
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Size:  253.9 KB

    SPF-10D Thermoscanner - MY1995 (?)

    This Seapathfinder uses the same thermoscanner module as the TSR-100 and it seems to be even more rare than the TSR-100. Can't find much info about it, even the release date I haven't found yet... As it shows "Japan" on the back, I assume it must be somewhere mid nineties.
    Bought this NOS, complete with the original manual and box.
    When I opened up the box upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised that the watch was still wrapped in it's original plastic. Once I took it out of that plastic bag, I was amazed how shiny and new it looked! It almost made me forget the high price (compared to other recent purchases) I paid for it

    Name:  forum_SPF-10D.JPG
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    F-V2 Voice recorder - MY ?

    It has the possibility to record sound/voice for 30sec. Ridiculously short recording time, but that's also the charm of this watch. Again it is a NOS. As it is also a 'made in Japan' watch, must also be built in the early nineties.

    Name:  forum_F-V2.JPG
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Size:  267.9 KB

    Think I better stop buying watches for now to keep the peace at home

    That's all for now!
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    re: Kosio's Casio Museum

    That is a really cool collection of Casios! I'm a big fan of casio and had A LOT of them over the years, still have 5 in my collection but all G-Shocks now, you have given me some inspiration to start looking at the ones with the more unusual features, these really were the original smart-watches
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    re: Kosio's Casio Museum

    Great collection of Casio classics! Those feature watches are really nice! I had several data bank Casios but unfotunally they broke in my rough use and that guided me to Gs.
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    re: Kosio's Casio Museum

    Very nice. Respect to you. You must be a very patient person! I only wished I have kept all of my G-Shocks since when I was a kid from 1983!
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    re: Kosio's Casio Museum

    Awesome thread mate, one of the best ive seen all year, great stories with the watches, and some unusual and interesting watches, really enjoyed reading, cheers
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    re: Kosio's Casio Museum

    Brilliant work here, really enjoyed reading. You are true Casio fan with lots of history and stories to tell. Looking back it was really interesting all those models Casio was selling with unique features, really shame they don't make them now, great watches for affordable price.
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    re: Kosio's Casio Museum

    Lou Snutt here:
    I reckon I'm a late comer to Casio. All caught up in RR Grade pocketwatches for my job as RR Engr (40 yrs)
    Must've owned 50 watches over my last 60 years.
    When American RRs adopted the quartz RR Grade watch, I became a quartz watch fan. Then a GShock fan.
    I own 5 Gs, 1 Edifice, and 1 MDV106. SIL has bigger luv for Gs than I.Owns 11 of them.
    Have nary a yen for Apple Watches.
    Fave Casio? GW3000bb1. Given by my offspring and their spouses on my 50th wedding anniversary. Only 1
    more G on my radar scope. The Rangeman GW9400.

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    re: Kosio's Casio Museum

    awesome thread, thank you for sharing!
    reading through your list, casio sure have the recipes for a decent smart watch / health band on their line up scattered all over the place. it's just a matter of combining which feature with which module it seems and made it compact. or not so compact, with g-shock's bulkiness.
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    re: Kosio's Casio Museum

    Awesome collection there, Kosio! The TS100, TSR100 and WQV3 are definitely the most exotic of the lot and the WQV the most intriguing...is it in a working condition? Would love to see more!
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    re: Kosio's Casio Museum

    Excellent collection there!

    Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
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