I bought my DW-5700 G-shock (691 module) in June of 1988, and want a new bezel and screw case-back seal... Looked over the forum for ideas, and seems the closest I could get to a best fit were the ones coming from Brazil, but I can no longer find a seller for these. I want to keep its round original look, and wonder how you folks with the exact same watch and problem found the solution?... Even if the bezel markings are a bit off, (light button in the lower RH corner rather than my originals top RH corner) I wonder if the limited edition/current issue round 57xx series watches bezels could be made to work.

I do note the top LH "adjust" button on my DW-5700 is of a slightly smaller diameter from the other three buttons if that matters much. I wonder if a bezel from:


Could be made for a perfect fit despite the smaller adjust button and location the light marking?

Appreciate the help, and hoping perhaps the parts situation has improved since many of the older posts, and I can find a solution. Thank you.