Latest Frogman...keep it clean?
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Thread: Latest Frogman...keep it clean?

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    Latest Frogman...keep it clean?

    I am very interested in the latest Frogman. there a way to clean the dirt, dust , and whatever else can build up under the plastic shroud protection? Are all metal components totally rustproof? There seems to be so many nooks and crannies. What has been your experience in the everyday world? Any recommendations on keeping your Froggy clean? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated?

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    Re: Latest Frogman...keep it clean?

    A good rinse with soap and water and a light scrub with a soft toothbrush once a week or so will keep it clean. Because it's a new G, the resin should come off with no problem and you can clean underneath it. I believe the new Frog is titanium, so it should be rust proof. Really no worry if you just make sure to dry it off. I have an old DW002 that I wore in every condition thinkable for 10 years and never really cleaned it. A jump in the lake or pool and showers on my wrist were as close to a cleaning it ever got and it has never rusted. Anything I expose to salt water I make sure to rinse with fres water afterwards. Other than that, a G will last you many years with minimal maintance.
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    Re: Latest Frogman...keep it clean?

    The GF/GWF has a steel core, coated with DLC just rinse the watch with clean water is more than enough...


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    Re: Latest Frogman...keep it clean?

    Little particles can get under the bezel. If you really care about keeping it clean, you can remove the bezel and band and wash the module by itself in warm soapy water, dry well, and then put the resin back on. The whole process should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Depending on wear and conditions, you probably wouldn't even need to do this type of cleaning more than once every couple of months, if that.
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