I'm really upset that these pictures do this mod no justice at all. I promise, it looks much cooler in person!! I ordered this 002 jsut so that I could have a new bezel to put on my old (favorite first G) 002. I then ordered another 002 for parts only and the bezel was pretty beaten up. It suffered a little rot and cracked when I took it off. I actually had to glue it back together. So, to cover up the spots where the resin was flaking I decided to paint it. I had some black laquer spray paint in my garage and gave it a couple of coats. I was very shocked at the result. I expected a glossy black. Instead, I got a very cool Gun Metal Grey color. Also, the velcor band it's on had a white inner band. I didn't like how it made it look like I had on a bandage under my watch. So I gound some black fabric paint and scrubbed it on with a tooth brush to give the band a black on black look. I know the pics are bad, so I might need to break out my wifes camera and take better shots, but what do you think so far?

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